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Qatar - A Water-sports Heaven

As a peninsula surrounded by the Arabian sea and blessed with year-round sunny weather, Qatar is an ideal location for water sports. In the winter season when the average temperature is 26 degrees, the country's crystal-clear beaches, waterparks and marinas invite everyone to try out new activities and experiences. Here are some the top 6 water adventures to try in Qatar.

1. Kite surfing
A sailing sport that combines wakeboarding, surfing and windsurfing, Kite surfing or kite boarding is a popular watersport in Qatar. Many local tour operators and 5-star hotels with private beaches offer the experience.

2. Parasailing
Initially used as part of the pilot survival training by NASA in the 1960s, parasailing is a thrilling experience of soaring at a height of up to 100 meters on a parachute tied to a speedboat. Best places to try this are Katara Beach Club and Sealine Resort.